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Phaung Daw Oo Monastic Education High School

The mission of Phaung Daw Oo
Phaung Daw Oo is dedicated to providing quality, free education to the under-privileged children of Mandalay. We will not close our doors to any child in need. We are committed to providing the highest quality of standards in our curriculum. To this end, our teaching staff must meet the highest expectation of our program. We believe that all children can succeed in life and find the path to which they may find happiness.

Founded in 1993 by Venerable Nayaka B. Sc (Chem.) and Venerable Jotika B. Sc (Chem.) over seventeen years of private free institution for children who nearly drop out of school forever due to financial status of their family.

It is situated in Nanshe, in the resettlement residential suburb of North East Mandalay.

How to become integrated education school
It was named Phaung Daw Oo, Integrated Education School, by Mr. Karl Dorning, Program Coordinator, World Vision Myanmar, after his spouse, Mrs. Sue Dorning’s sentimental trip to Project Site in February 1996, together with UNICEF delegation led by Mrs. Chen Xiaoyu, project officer, child welfare services.

They were the first benefactors who promised to undertake to look for the charitable funds and later assured access for the estimated US $ 9,959.67 for income generation.

The curriculum
We provide access to education for the children from kinder garden up to high school courses that of state curriculum which is accredited by the government.

Project rationale
Both girls and boys attend classes and enrollment is not based to towards any specific religion and any fees are not charged.

Presently, 108 teachers are employed to teach the 6453 enrolled children. In order to pay these teachers a basic salary, total funding are obliged to be raised through income generation and occasional donations.

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Principal's message

Love the children
By giving charity to children you may fill their lives with hope and bring yourself a smile.

Without education our children struggle in life. The students of Phaung Daw Oo have led lives of toil and plight. Their parents have no wealth or access to health care. Many students have no accommodation or luxuries, they live at the school. Our classrooms are few and our students are many.

These children are wild flowers. If we let these precious things float out to endless streets where they can only learn despair, they will lose hope. Through love we may fill their lives with inspiration and opportunity. Please make yourself the shelter for those whose lives are poor and lonely, help them to find their way.


Our focus
We opened this school to offer education to poor children denied access to even the most basic education services as a model of grass roots development, a non-government self-reliance school by specifically targeting children from poor either rural of urban family, orphans, ethnic, abuse, neglect, abandon and poverty-stricken children and for those who could not attend the government schools for various reasons.

Seeking available sources
We generation some income through school activities such as mechanical repairs, tools making, welding, photo copying and computer typing, but this is not nearly enough to meet our needs. As the enrolment rate is almost doubling every two years, it places an enormous stress on our resources., we had to face a significant double-burden combining with for upgrading school facilities and for employing more teachers, with an adequate salary.

To address the mounted problem we need to your charity fund.

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School expense

The monthly school expenditure of the scool in 2002/2003 academic year in totalled approximately US $ 1,009.25 of which US $ 406.67 for teachers’s salaries, US $ 300 for clinic and US $ 302.58 is for other expenses, including fuel and light, travelling expenses, furniture, transportation for English speaking teachers, administration charges, photocopier and computer maintenance, teahers’ kid, stationary for monthly test and medical care for children, etc.

Donate to the needy features
Each year the school spends the equivalent of $ 10 per student, but we ask no money of the parents. They cannot afford over one dollar. The school opens its doors freely to all families in Mandalay. We can only do this through the support of our donors, people like you who can afford the small donations necessary to run our school. Please, if you want to help, contact us.

We give great thanks to the following donors:

For Library donated by Mrs. Diana Millton and Mr. Graham Millto(Director of B.C)

For Australia-Myanmar Friendship School building donated by Mr. Steven Killelea The Charitable Foundation (US$ 110000).

For Japan-Myanmar Friendship School building donated by United Nation Women Association was Founded by the Embassy of Japan (US$ 80,000).

I want to help Phaung Daw Oo

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